Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Love Fro-Yo (A post I wrote a month ago but was somehow never published)

Seriously. I do.
Doesn't matter if it's from Sweet Frog, Yogurtland, Kiwi, or anywhere. I love it.
1. I love all the flavors.
2. I love pulling down the levers to get your yogurts.
3. I love mixing and matching flavors. Or not. (Really, more like the opportunity)
4. I love that if the counter person walks away, you can put some on your finger and shove it in your mouth.
5. I love putting on toppings. Like gummy bears, sprinkles, cookie dough, kiwi, raspberries, mango, and bobas (OH MY LANDS BOBAS I COULD RANT ON THEIR GOODNESS FOR DAYS. Maybe I will someday...)
6. I love pondering over the toppings.
7. I love putting it on the scale to see how much your beautiful baby creation weighs.
8. I love the idea that it only costs so many cents per ounce.
9. I mildly enjoy paying for it.
10. I love it when the cashier gives you a colored spoon.
11. I love to take my new friend over to the counter and sit on a stool and eat there while staring out the window while you have a deep thought.
12. I love getting your money's worth of the free water that has strawberries floating in it but never really tastes like strawberries.
13. I love the time I take to pause and reflect on this.
14. I love savoring every bite and the texture of my yogurt.
15. And I regret throwing away the container and not getting more.
Yep. I like fro-yo.

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