Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is it Tuesday?

Hey y'all.
Sorry Tess (DDG),
I've been relearning what it is like to hack your lungs up for every waking hour in the most disgusting way possible, but this shouldn't have kept me from posting.
I hang my head in shame.

Even though this gif brings me tons of joy, trust me, I still feel bad.
Now on to other things.....
I bought it as soon as I realized it was Tuesday. (Hence the title of this post.)
That time was 4:00 pm.

Ugh. I am now haunted by the cone of shame. But I am working on focusing to get things done!
I'm going to hopefully do my job shadow next week (supposed to be done this school year, and May makes it!), audition tape Thursday, make-up work at 10 tonight (hopefully earlier but at this rate I'm doing good unless I fall into the Werid Part of Youtube i.e what happened yesterday after I was conscious). Life is looking good.
Except for the pesky hacking cough that sounds like a seal choking on a mackrel or something.
Oh update on Harem Pants trial: I'm going to say I still was sweating bullets, if not looking super stylish, but this may be due to the fact I had a fever. Hmmmmmmm.
I also ran into a wall. But no matter. Another test will be in effect soon.
But really, I need to focus on stuff.
Banquets are happening galore, which I forgot about one being tomorrow (refer to picture above). Listening to Great Gatsby Soundtrack helps get thoughts together.
Or unplanned dancing.

Oh, gifs and John Green. We love you both.
Actually I became a Nerdfighter this year after reading John Green's books, then watching Vlogbrothers while being sick and becoming obsessed. I love all his books, along with a lot of my friends and my English teacher. We we're going to do a duo on it, but it became sort of weird since we're both girls and the narrator and most of the other characters are guys. Awkward forensic-ness.
Speaking of that, I'm super excited for our piece we're hoping to do for next year, which I'm keeping secret even though I know nobody reads this and the possibility of you being a forensicator is very miniscule. But I shall express my joy of it in gif (bascially my favorite) form.

Yeah, I feel like this basically all the time. When I'm happy. Which is when I'm not sick or stressed out or bored to tears.
I sort of wish I had her sweater. I love sweaters. They're great. I have this one I especially love called "my 80's sweater" which is funny since it technically isn't from the 80's. I'm not really sure why I call it that. It is a cropped sweater I got in a large so it wouldn't be cropped (that worked out real well. Hehehe NOT), and it's in a neon yellow/green and navy blue print. I love it.
You are freaking fantastic,
capturing moments,
awkward, funny, or beautiful.
You do what humanity wants to do with life,
Capture a moment that you want to remember and relive forever.
And replay it over and over again for the whole world to see
That something happened, something was there and still is here,
That was worthwhile.
It's okay. This makes me smile like a maniac too. We shall smile together.
P.S Hank Green is awesome too. Google it. I dare you.
P.P.S Apparently there is a musical group name Meadow Inferno. Of course there freaking is..........

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