Friday, May 24, 2013

What if I was a rapper?

I thought of that today. My name would be Cleopatra's Ice, and I would be great and I would go every where and do every thing.
Haha one of my friends and I always joke that we are going to show up at our friend's new house and have a party at 3am and have a DJ and go swimming and have a dance party and then we'll fall asleep and make pancakes on the hibachi when we wake up....

HAHAHA OH MY GOD, THIS CAME UP WHEN I LOOKED UP "FANCY PANCAKES"! What is the world coming to? Not that I mind that it came up....
Guess what? I have lots of time today! So I can write for hours and eat food and go on Youtube and listen to music and be happy.
Writing is super relaxing and nice.
Oh, by the way, thanks everyone for reading! There are people from Paraguay and South Korea and Brazil and Mexico and all over the world! Just keep reading if you like what's going down up in here. If not, I wish you the best and can recommend you to places like The Useless Web or Emergency Compliment. I have spent hours on these websites. Even at school I have been able to get on them.
It is chilly right now and that makes me sad. Where did all the warm days and the sun and hot cement go? And the dreams of lemonade and sitting by the pool and reading in the sun and falling asleep on the lawn and waking up and finding that everything is too bright?
Maybe it'll come back soon...

Well, hopefully this won't happen....
I still haven't seen the Great Gatsby movie, you guys. It's pretty depressing. Hopefully I can go this weekend or sometime soon.
Yeah, I know that that probably won't happen, too. You don't have to remind me....
I feel like Ferris Bueller right now, and I'm ready to miss school for an adventure. I can't really go to Chicago, but for the past couple days I was dreaming about Philly.
Apparently, one can not write on their blog for as long as they would like since one's computer likes to shut down. I'll leave you with a little poem.
Cat's on the table,
Begging me to help him off,
Turn's out it's raining.
In the words of Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres,
"If you don't remember a thing I said today, remember this: you're gonna be ok, dum de dum dum dum, just dance."
You'll be fine. 

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