Friday, May 3, 2013

No title (NO RULES)

Hey, Tammy (DDG still, which I decided I'm just going to write DDG when ever I make a reference),
How's it going you ask? Pretty good, I guess. But I always respond pretty good, no matter if I'm having the best or worst day of my life. Just a habit, I guess.
I'm glad the weekend is here, and I finally completed something that I'm sort of happy to be over, so I feel like I have let a little balloon into the sky.
Guess what day it is? Yeah, I have no idea either. Nothing really special is going on today that I know or care about. I have the urge to sit in a kiddy pool though......
My secret fear......
Actually, I like sharks. I even want to go in a shark cage. But I rather not have them in my kiddie pool. 'Cause that be my PERSONAL POOL AND I AIN'T SHARING WITH NOBODY!
Weeeeeelll, let's see. What else could I say? I see that some of the people who have read this collection of ramblings were from Germany and Russia. I doubt they'd come back. Not much to see here.....

I'm starting to wonder if I'm a unicorn............but no matter.
Theory for why we never see unicorns: They are so powerful that they could pulverise us just by staring at us or coming near us, but they resist the temptation by staying hidden. They are truly are the most considerate magical/ science fictiony creatures ever. (Jeez Chubacabra and  the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti, and Bigfoot)
Okay, I'm reaaaaaally tired. Gonna fall asleep. But first....
Derpity derp derp,
Tongue lolling out of my mouth,
Wait, why am I here?
Haha...okay need rest.

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