Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chilling Coming Soon

Hey babes.
Well, I've begun to dream about summer, with images of kiddy pool parties and pretending to be a little kid and going to playgrounds and going on rollercoasters right after having a funnel cake eating contest and imaginary road trips.
Wait, you're not thinking what I'm thinking? Well, maybe about the road trips.
Also lots of books and air conditioning and doodling and movies and joy.
Yeah that's more like it.


Oh, and don't forget the watermelon carved into a dinosaur. It's got to be a dinosaur. Otherwise the practicality/beauty isn't present.
Actually, today (like many days) I was pretending to be a Velciraptor. They're the best dinosaurs because:
a. you get to say Velciraptor when people ask what the frick are you doing. pretend to have short arms (also necessary for a T-Rex impression) can play Velciraptor catch (the best kind of catch) scream like a dinosaur run around being awesome talk in a especially weird voice that only a few people understand.


I personally find this one of the most adorable things in the world.
Weird, when I was talking to my cat I used the voice of one of the people in the Bad Lipreading Videos. Sorry.
Okay I would really like to sleep so YAAAAY POEM TIME!
Wrote poem with dinos,
Said they were super cuddly,
Teacher not approving.
Well, that's all folks. See you later, Jenelle.
P.S Y'all seriously need to watch Drop Dead Gorgeous if you haven't already. It changed my life I think. Also, it made me hesitant scared the crap out of me to stuff my face at seafood buffets, but I went to one two weeks ago, and after getting up to refill my plate eight times, I think I have conquered that fear. Now onto Tasty Kakes...

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