Saturday, May 4, 2013


Sorry, Lisa (DDG), but I have to address something here.
It was super weird and unexpected and I flushed and walked away and then I could hear it hissing from not too far away so I came to investigate AND IT STILL WAS HISSING! HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT?!?!

Well, maybe.......but I doubt it. It was more guttural than a snake.
I also found a possible solution to my leg covering issue at school which is.......(drum roll, please) HAREM PANTS! I think I'm still going to be hot, but it's worth a try.
Also, I may be consuming so much Nutella that I taste like it, since I have been recently being licked by all the animals I have come in contact with lately. No matter what.


If I ever go this far, please reign me in and sit down and hold an Intervention. Key factor: There shouldn't be any Nutella at this event. I know it's a healing element, but in this case it will hinder me and the Intervention-ers.
You know what else freaks me out? TASTY KAKES! Holy crap, those things are scary and I will run if you have one, especially the giant ones.
Fun Fact: I once had a nightmare where I was chained to a huge stake in the ground of a giant coliseum, right smack dab in the middle, and a bunch of people with masks ( I guess I must have known them since why else would they try to hide their identities) pelted me with Tasty Kakes as I tried to get free. Then it started to rain and all the Tasty Kakes got soggy and even grosser. Not sure what I'm supposed to make of this, unless it's like a message that in the future I will be betrayed by my friends and family and they will attack me with artificial baked goods that come out of plastic wrappers.
To wrap it up, here's a poem.
Last week, tragedy
Zipper on my red pants broke,
Boots tread lightly now.
Actually the zipper broke three or four weeks ago, but I'm writing from the perspective from two or three weeks ago.
Short post, but it doesn't really matter.

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