Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dead Mosquito in my Bathroom

Dear Dead Mosquito in my Bathroom,
Please leave.
I know that this is impossible since you are dead, but somehow remove yourself from my bathroom. Your carcass makes me cringe and I'm afraid to pick you up and deposit your body in the great outdoors for the unlikely reason that you will somehow become a mosquito zombie and bite me and it will be painful and unpleasant.
I know that it is my fault that you lay decomposing on the linoleum next to the bathtub, after I was really angry and I swatted you out of the air in my room with a towel. I watched you limp/flutter over near the floor by the sink, and with a dying breath, collapse in a jumbled bug heap, and watch as the cruel, cruel world fell from your sight.
I'm not really sure how you got near the tub, be it by cat or gust of air from the sighing AC, but you need to leave. It's really a nuisance. Think of the children you are inhibiting from using the shower and cleaning the bathroom. It truly is a problem.
The Girl Living in the Yellow Room Where you Began your Descent into What was a Dark Journey to the Underworld.

 (uh,huh this is my bathroom with a tiny hole in the toilet)
If y'all didn't read the last post then you surely aren't going to understand why this one is weird. Okay, here's a gif for everyone.

Both Jennifer Lawerence and I enjoy food. Just to let y'all know.

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