Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey everyone.
Today I was super distracted for some reason, but I just think it's because I'm thinking about summer and finals and business and work and quizzes and everything. I sold out my box of chocolate so YAAAAAAAAAY! No more guilt! Or bothering people to take candy from a stranger (i.e me, but they are paying for it anyway).
I had more free time than usual, so I was listening to music and browsing the internet and then I drew these pictures.

Yeah, all I can say for this one is that I wanted to play poker. Sadly, I have no one to play it with. I learned how to play Texas Hold 'Em in fifth grade during indoor recess, but all we bet was stuff like erasers and marbles and crap we would find on the playground.
Oh, and this one I was drawing random scribbles and I thought this one looked like an abstract chameleon. So I kept it. My brother was like, "Anything can be abstract. It could be an abstract tomato for all I care!" Whatever.
Hmmm... free time. I don't like it all the time because it just lets me procrastinate on what I could be doing like studying or working or doing something important. You end up in that weird part of Youtube and then things just go downhill from there.
One thing I do like to do in my free time is look at The Burning House, a website in which people enter pictures and descriptions of what they would take if their house was burning. I love the way that their possessions are arranged, usually on the floor, and the different items they would take. It shows what really matters to people, and for most it's different but very personal.
If I would do one, I really have no idea what I would take, but one thing I wouldn't take would be my phone. Many people include theirs (but they are always iPhones, so I guess that would be more important than what I call my "ghetto phone"), except that I know I would sort of like not to have it so people wouldn't constantly be trying to contact me. I don't really like being plugged into this world, so even though I have this blog, I'm not really communicating to anyone in particular. It's more for myself, and also to remember stuff because I know that I'm eventually going to forget.
Okay, enough of slightly serious stuff. Hmmm, we need some gifs up in here!
This was on one of my favorite Vlogbrothers video. I like the Thoughts from Places a lot, and this one was especially funny.
Obviously I could only think of John Green today, but GIANT SQUID OF ANGER!
Ugh why can't it be summer already? My house is hot and we're having water problems and I just want to run around barefoot and eat vegan burritos and gelato and lay out on the driveway and nap in the sun (after applying sunscreen, of course. Skin cancer is a serious matter, kids).
What shall my poem include today?

Wish I was a squid,
Sinking into the darkness,
Cool water soothing.
Apparently I'm thinking about squids too for some reason.
Brain shutting down.

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