Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving On

What's up, tortugas?
Tortuga is probably my favorite Spanish word if you didn't know.
Anyways, the week is moving on smoothly. Finished some standardized testing, helped get projects done, and all homework is due Friday. Saturday is free for me to lounge around and study a bit and generally procrastinate to the point where I feel like procrastinating procrastination.

One time I asked my gym teacher if we could do horizontal running (from Pitch Perfect). He didn't approve.
Oooh, ooh! You want to know some of my dreams? Well more like tiny, baby wishes.
1. Pushing my Kid in a Stroller in a Park Somewhere as Ridin Dirty plays- Okay, I don't even like this song but I just want people to be like, "What?" as the song goes, "They see me rollin', they hatin'." My kid and I will have swag and I will be jogging and everyone will be like, "Dang GIRL!" Yeah, small dream, but whatever.
2.Teeny Tiny Apartment- I want to have one that I cram full of everything interesting and colorful and beautiful that I have ever wanted. There will be posters and paintings and art and a record player and bakery and sunshine and happiness. Try to stop me.
3.To live somewhere I can see Art and Music EVERYDAY- I just want to be around all the things I love. Good food, good (probably artsy or musical) people, music, art, culture, creativity, and somewhere with a library I can live in.
4. A Kumquat Tree- Because who doesn't want free (sort of) kumquats? Also, who doesn't want to tell people they have a kumquat tree when they come over?
5. Kiddy Pool Party- I'm still working on this one........
Look, I found a kumquat tree!

Sigh...., doesn't that make you want to go research what a kumquat is? I know some of you have no idea what it is, so go explore the internet. Also look up fava beans and kakapos and quetzalcoatls and bassoons, because I know for sure some of you guys know nothing of my instrument.
Hmm, I need some music to listen to. I feel like I just repeat the same songs over and over again. Leave an idea, especially your favorite band or group or singer.
About the wish thing, I make them a lot. I always have little baby wishes. Like to get a pixie cut or go in a shark cage or go on a road trip eventually or go to Portland. Actually, I REAAAALLLY WANT TO GO TO PORTLAND. I'll go to Voodoo Donut and Powell's Books and eat out of food trucks and enjoy the randomness and skip around until I fall into a dizzy heap in the Portland Japanese Garden. Then someone can come drag me away after a week.

I need to go practice bassoon and stuff, but I'll leave you with a poem.
I wish that all days could be filled
with the heat of summer
and brightness of rosy cheeks.
I wish that everyday could be lived like your last,
and you knew that you would be remembered
forever and always.
I wish that the pink in the sky
was an omen for beautiful days to come
and that there weren't such things as endings
and goodbyes
and things lost in time and space.
But you live in the present
because every day
See ya tomorrow, guys.

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