Saturday, May 25, 2013

3 Day! (Well, Free Day)

Hey mis muchachos y muchachas!
Today I have one of my first Free Days ("There are no rules! There is one rule!" to quote Cici's pizza commercial) in what seems like months.
I guess it actually was months with all the forensics tournaments and lacrosse days and concerts and work and stuff. Not that I have a job......
Well anyways, I started my day off with the eating what remained in my jar of Nutella, and got to work in order to relax and get stuff done.

This is what the jar looked like after I was done with the Nutella.
Back to my Free Day, I got to eat vegan burritos and hummus with pita chips. I studied a bit for an entrance exam, fell asleep on my driveway (not the best of ideas when someone comes driving up), wore my humongous sweatpants, and danced around a lot. There was music and Tibetan prayer flags (that I made) and overall it was pretty enjoyable, if not extremely windy. Oh, and I felt like adding this after waking up from my nap.
So very, very true for interp as well.
Well I didn't really get a whole lot of work done, but that's okay.
I'll figure everything out eventually.
I don't have much to say today, but I feel like I should include some John Green gifs, just because, well, they're John Green gifs.

And don't forget about Hank!
Well, I guess it's poem time. Except I'm getting quite tired of making stupid ones up, so I might add quotes now. But not for this post. I gotta commit.
This is it,
The last freaking poem,
I got tired of writing them like I tire of everything,
I have O'D on  Kraft mac and cheese,
chicken fingers,
Tastee Freeze,
those candy ringers.
No more Tootsie Rolls
or the Swiss Misses,
doughnuts, jelly rolls,
Hershey White Chocolate Kisses.
I'm even tiring of hummus
and muffins
which is just plain depressing.
(Just like salad dressing)
So this poem sucks,
but it'll be okay
because it'll be deleted eventually anyways.
Whoa, major poem suckage. But I like it that way and I need to go practice bassoon.
Sleep tight, kids.

Oh my goodness, has happened to me so many times. Especially with Buster. WHO CAN BE A TURD, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE PEES ON THE CABINETS! But more on that later.

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