Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shutting Down

I'm REALLY tired of everything. I just need a break from the chaos and commitment and the work and the constantly communicating with people. This weekend I have one free day, but it's probably going to be spent studying,
Okay I have 20 minutes to cram as much as I can before I have my Emergency Deadline. Also, a storm's a comin', so I better get on it before the power goes off again.
Okay, what can I talk about........ FOOD!
Blue Corn Torilla Chips- Plain, but for some reason I like really plain foods sometimes.....and really rich ones.
Gelato-It's so much better than ice cream, no matter what any body says. Also it comes in a bunch of fantastic flavors, and it's softer and creamier than ice cream. I also find that if you have sensitive teeth it doesn't bother them as much.
Grapes- But we already talked about this.....
Muffins-WHY HAVE CUPCAKES WHEN YOU CAN HAVE MUFFINS? Well, the frosting always gets me sick, and I just like muffins.
Croissants- OH MY LANDS I COULD LIVE OFF OF REALLY GOOD CROISSANTS. Put Nutella in them and it's a dream come true. Fun Fact- I tried my first one in St. Croix when I was little. I also tried guava juice, WHICH IS ALSO FREAKING AMAZING!
Ummm, I really don't feel like writing anything else on food, soooooooo........
Things that have happened to me lately:
1. My ukulele broke. I found it broken in my room, all the strings splayed all over the place and the piece that holds them together nearby, but it some how was standing in its spot, like nothing had happened......
2. I haven't had coffee in seventeen days. It feels kinda good, but I also feel kinda tired. All. the. time.
3. I pulled a bunch of ticks off my cat Marvin's eyes. He let me do it. Then he rolled over and made me scratch his stomach.
Oh note, the word belly bothers me. It's like a little kid term instead of something real. Just say stomach because it sounds better. Or at least when talking to me.
I realized I made some more lists today....I have to work on that....
Oh! I didn't add any pictures! Or gifs! OH NO!

My favorite Forensics Fox..... :)
Okay that's all I got.....
Deadline failed....... :( Oh well.
Oh, I almost forgot my poem!
Life is freaking short,
Trying to get everything done,
Live a little too.
Hopefully I'll catch you tomorrow.

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