Sunday, May 19, 2013

Post with a Name that Doesn't Make Sense (Spectacular Mountain)

Aghhhh I'm freezing!
Which is weird since the air conditioning isn't on...
Good morning, y'all (or evening, or midday, when ever you happen to read this)!
I'm super full from eating a bunch of desserts from the church kitchen I was volunteering at, but there is a new jar of Nutella awaiting me on the kitchen counter, calling my name.........

Like write about it obsessively on this blog. Actually, this is the picture that captures the joy the most, along with making me snort a little when I first saw it..

Yep. Some things work out perfectly. BUT I WILL NOT SUCCUMB TO THIS TEMPATION! Therefore I continue to write.
My hair smells nice like a hot tub (it makes sense since I was in one) and I really want a shower but the water is being screwy so I can't. Okay now I'm REAAAAALLY thirsty, but if I go in the kitchen then I will want to pass by the Nutella and it will be a chocolate hazelnut-spread coated disaster. No, I can be strong. I will do this.
I succumbed to the Nutella, guys...... 

I...I was doing so well, and then...there it was...on the counter....all alone. I was thinking about cranberry salad was so strong....
No. I will not dwell on the past. I will work harder in the future.
So what does everyone want to talk about?
Lafawnda: (waves hand in air violently) Oooh, ooh I know!
Me: What?
Lafawnda: (slowly lowers hand) Um....sorry. I don't really know. I just wanted to be supportive since you clearly don't have any ideas on what to write and are depending on figments of your written imagination to help you.
Me: Oh.
Lafawnda: ( smug smile spreads over face) Proceed.
Me: Um, okay.....
I'm gonna watch one and talk to you about it tomorrow. Yeah. I got plans for life. Look at me, a huge winner.
Leedle leedle lee,
I can do this all day long,
Y'all gonn be suckers.
Gif? Yes please!
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Ain't that the truth....

Annnnnnd these two are an example of the faces I make on a daily basis....

Thank goodness for New Girl.

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