Saturday, May 11, 2013

V8 by the Pool

Okay so I'm not really drinking it by pool, or a beach, or even a crowded subway. But every year I convince myself to retry it thinking I'll like it more this time. Truthfully, I think it might be working a little, but it also might be me going, "YOU WILL LIKE THIS STUFF IF IT KILLS YOU! IT TASTES LIKE CARROTS AND SALT AND TOMATOES BUT IT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND YOU'LL BE STRONGER IF YOU DRINK IT BECAUSE THEN YOU CAN TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS HOW TOUGH YOU ARE FOR DRINKING IT!" Or something like that.

It does basically taste like salsa in a glass (I like salsa a lot actually), but in liquid form (and weird textures sort of freak me out).
Eww now I have a weird aftertaste in my mouth. ICKY!
Well, it did rain today, and that was nice. I love it when it rains. The whole world is refreshed and you get that awesome smell from the rain hitting the heat, and  the spider webs on the bushes look like lace veils from heaven. The earth seems to regress a bit into it's prehistoric self, and the world is magical again.
Sigh......I love rain. As well as words. Why else would I be writing this thing anyway?
Well I have six minutes until I want to get this post done, so lets get's started. I want to make a list of five things I appreciate. Just because.
1.Lotion Tissues- Oh my lands, these things can change you from being a very depressed sick person with a red and irritated nose to a someone in total bliss as they blow snot into what feels like a slightly perfumed but disposable and disintegrating cloud. Good times all around.
2.Movie Theaters- For me, these are places to relax by yourself even if other people go with you, because you are enjoying your candy of your choosing in what is a story that you get to watch that you can analyze and interpret in your own way. Unless that annoying person behind you is explaining EXACTLY WHAT THEY THINK THE MOVIE MEANS AND EVERY FREAKING METAPHOR TO WHO THEY THINK IS THEIR INFERIOR MOVIE-CRITIC FRIEND. Never do this. Ever. No matter how confused your brother is during Inception. It's a jerky-movie-go-er move.
3.Awesomely Fantastic People You Don't Know- Because they will give you their box of free Dots, or that card to get free popcorn, or the money that fell out of your pocket, or your wallet, or will help you when all of your groceries fall out of your reusable bags.  This world is filled with good people. Let them find you.
4.Movie Soundtracks- These are the best because a certain song can remind you of part of a movie, or you can just play them during daily life and then you feel like your whole life is a movie. I have done this A LOT! Also if you jog you can pretend you are James Bond, and few things are better than not thinking of jogging but pretending you are James Bond.
Oh, I guess these are all sort of movie related. Except of the lotion tissues. Oh well.
Hahahaha actually my friend and I were talking about how Leonard Dicaprio dies a lot last week so I found this and started laughing manically. By myself. I can do that.
Also, I was thinking today about how much it bothers me when I read a book or listen to a song and then it magically becomes uber popular a week/month/year later and everyone talks about it and the meaning is lost because EVERYBODY has bought the song/book/movie. I should be happy because the artist or author or who ever I like is getting recognized, but I sort of want to keep it to myself so it's my own personal thing. I like that it isn't popular yet. Maybe that's just the hipster inside of me.

Well, I'm 28 minutes over when I wanted to be finished so I'll just end it here with a quick poem.
Blanket flies behind,
Running into the distance,
The rainbow my kite.
Yaay! One minute to my emergency deadline. Enough time to grab a bagel. See you later.

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