Thursday, May 16, 2013

Look what day it is!

Oh goodness. Okay so yesterday I know I didn't write and that's because I really didn't have any time to. I know this is an excuse, and I am filled with them, but I can't really change that.
Also, today is LOVE A TREE DAY! So go celebrate and tell all yo' 'lil tree friends that you don't just like them, you LIKE-like-like them.

Actually, while looking for a picture I found this, which made me think of a pregnant mom with tree bark skin holding her unborn child-stomach, which I thought was really awkward and funny, but I guess that's what they were going for.

Muhahahahahahaha. So again I am procrastinating to do work which is okay as long as you do it eventually, so all is good in the hood. It was really hot today, but my toes are painted electric blue, which made me think of Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska by John Green. It's a really good book by the way, so make sure you read it (but if for some reason you are reading this and you are younger than high school age, wait until you are a little older). I kept looking down and smiling and it made me happy all day.
Yeah so now I'm wondering if I were somehow to be eaten if I would taste like coconut. I had coconut milk curry, coconut gelato, and I love coconut lotion. Coconut fudge Oreos are the greatest, and coconut M&M's make me swoon. I like the smell and how refreshing it is, along with the sweetness and tropical part of it. Coconut water is also awesome and is really refreshing. Just don't let it get warm like I did, then go back to your hotel room after a day of whale watching and take it out of your back pack and swear you just took a swig out of a rotting, rancid coconut you found on a deserted island.
Rancid coconut? Ehh it's a bad drawing.
Okay time to actually do work I guess. Listening to Over the Love by Florence + the Machine, which is my favorite song out of the Great Gatsby album. Still haven't seen the movie yet. Maybe in June.
Poem time.
Blue toenails sparkle,
Mirrors and little galaxies,
Unnatural but loved.
Okeley dokely, chicos y chicas, go spread the word of how awesome the world is.

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